Minbar Ibn Rushd – 2nd Issue summer 2001

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Table of Contents

Abier Bushnaq
Arabic German

Human Rights in the Age of Globalization: An Arab Point of View
Mohamed Fayek
Arabic German

Globalization and the Lack of a Common Arab Policy
Muhannad Ibrahim Abu Latifa

Globalization and the Fears of the Arab World
Kadhim A. Habib

Al-Multaqa ath-Thaqafi al-Arabi in Berlin Presents Itself
Sa’id Alameddine

The Black Englishman on the Nile: With Tajjib Salich’s “Season of Migration to the North” – A Classic Work of Postcolonial Literature is Re-Discovered
Hans-Peter Kunisch
Arabic German

Abd ar-Rahman Munif: A View Through His Work
Bashar Humeid

Our Violent Society: A Personal Statement Retold
Edna Yaghi

The Sons and Daughters of Liberty
E. Yaghi

The Other One. A Short Story
Hamid Fadlalla
Arabic German

  • The Sons and Daughters of Liberty
    العربية DeutschEdna Yaghi “The sight of a child raising hands in front of the machine gun toting thug grieves us only if it is a Jewish child. The Gentile child can be shot at freely.”-Israel Shamir Let’s get one thing straight from the start. I am neither of Palestinian origin nor from Arab descent. I […]
  • Our Violent Society
    العربية DeutschA Personal Statement Retold by Edna Yaghi “Without the Palestinians, Palestine dies. Her rivers are poisoned, the sources dry out, the hills and valleys disfigured, her fields are worked by imported Chinese, while her sons are imprisoned in ghettos.” Israel Shamir. My name is Rafi. I am an American Israeli and a former member […]

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