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Minbar Ibn Rushd is an online magazine focusing on topics around the Arab world, Arabic culture and transition processes in the Arab World.

Here is an index of all Minbar Issues

  • Minbar Ibn Rushd – 21st issue, Editorial
    he lived most of his life in his home land, but his work was effective in the entire Arab world … he died secluded in exile in Berlin where he lived the last few years of his life. Sadiq Jalal al-Azm is considered as one of the pioneers of Arab Modernism and an outstanding scholar of critical thought in the Arab world. Al-Azm achieved great fame in 1968 and 1969 with the publishing of his works “Self-criticism after the defeat” and “Critique of Religious Thought”, in which he radically attacked central dogmas of political and religious-cultural discourse within Arab society.
  • Editorial – Minbar Ibn Rushd 20

    we warmly welcome you to this new edition of Minbar Ibn Rushd, our online magazine. Here are our topics:

    In December 2015 the German Institute for International and Security Affairs (Stiftung Wissenschaft und Politik – SWP) in Berlin published a study entitled “The bitter harvest of the Arab Spring. Transformation, the change of the elite and a new social Mobilization” by Dr. Muriel Asseburg and Heiko Wimmen, now translated into Arabic and reviewed here by Dr. Hamid Fadlalla and Fadia Foda. The article summarises the main points of the study and discusses the development, aftermath and perspective of the Arab Spring revolutions. After this extensive analysis, which examines the dimensions of this wide movement and the regional and international complications, the conclusion reached is that it is a bitter harvest after five years of instability.

  • Minbar Ibn Rushd – 19th issue, Editorial
    العربية DeutschDear readers, We are opening the issue with an essay by Rachid Boutayeb from Morocco entitled “The body of the other (towards a post-Islamic subjectivity)”. Islam, he says, being religion, culture and history, […]
  • Editorial
    Dear readers; this issue Minbar Ibn Rushd again offers you a new selection of interesting essays by authors from different Arab countries
  • Editorial
    العربية DeutschDear readers, We begin the year with an extensive double winter issue. At the Reinhold Frank Memorial Lectures in summer 2014, Jörg Armbruster was invited to Karlsruhe to give a lecture entitled “Democracy […]
  • Editorial
    العربية DeutschDear readers, The Arab revolution and its influence on intellectual Thought and politics have been the focus of interest in previous issues and still remain to be ,as our magazine has always been […]
  • Editorial
    Dear reader, this issue is dedicated to some of these complex problems in the Arab world. The focus is on education, which is why we begin and end the issue with it.
  • Editorial
    Dear readers! The Arab world is facing major challenges. Only with new ideas, concepts and approaches will this part of the world be able to achieve what many others have enjoyed for a long time: equality of rights and obligations, a life without fear, a life in dignity, which guarantees equal economic and social opportunities for everyone,
  • 12th issue, winter 2011/2012 – Editorial
    العربية DeutschDear readers! In this issue we continue pursuing the subject of “Arab thought” and dedicate ourselves to a number of modern Arab philosophers, whose work have shaped the spirit of Arab modernity even […]
  • 11th issue, winter 2010/2011 – Editorial
    العربية DeutschDear readers! Last summer we resumed our magazine – after a long interval – with an extensive first issue on “Arab thought”. We will now resume regular publication with an issue that is […]
  • 10th issue, summer 2010 – Editorial
    العربية DeutschDear readers! We are very pleased to inform you that our internet magazine Minbar Ibn Rushd (Ibn Rushd Forum) is to resume regular publication after a long interval of a few years with […]
  • Editorial
    Against the background of the continuous war situation in the Arab world the issue of the integration of Arab immigrants into Western society has become more and more important. Is their integration in a crisis?
  • Editorial
    Dear reader! Starting from the assumption that there must be found a way out of the dilemma of terrorism and that the reasons for the crisis in the relationship between the Islamic world and the West must be overcome by working out a solution together, a group of German diplomats, who have formally served in Arab countries, addressed the EU with an open letter of appeal.
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