Principles and Goals

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  1. The Ibn Rushd Fund is a non-governmental organization based in Germany. The Founders of the Fund are mainly of Arabic origin and live in Germany. The sphere of activity is directed towards the Arab countries.
  2. The fund declares its support for democracy, which grants freedom, equality and social justice to everyone.
  3. It supports constitutions that guarantee these values, which are not to be violated by anybody, neither in the name of the nation, of religion, nor in the name of ethnic groups or clans.
  4. The fund supports the dialogue between all political groups in an atmosphere of free speech and democracy. The fund views human beings as the center of all interests of society and state.
  5. The Fund will support and promote freedom of thought, creativity and sciences in the Arab World. The intention is to support freedom and democracy in this sphere. The fund collects money to award people who have contributed in their field of specialization to freedom and democracy in the Arab World.
  6. The financing of the fund will be effected through donations and a wide membership.
  7. The Fund accepts no influence whatsoever on its principles and goals.
  8. The Fund is currently based in Germany. It plans to move its head office to an Arabic country providing this country will have realized the above mentioned principles, and work according to the Fund’s principles will not be obstructed.
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